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USR where commissioned by Veolia water to install 2 450mm Branch connections.
The work was required to facilitate diverting raw water pumped directly from 3 borehole sources into a new build water treatment works.
Due to the importance of this raw water main the work was very time critical to ensure mimimal risk to the companys customers.
The works were completed within the agreed time frame and to the required specifications.


































































1. The exposed main being prepaired for cutting after being drained down.
Note the window cut into the main. To speed up the drain down of the pipe a sump pump was inserted saving a lot of time.


2 - The main was cut to facilitate the fitting of the new branch connections.

3 - The section being lifted out.

4 - Flange adaptors were fitted to each end of the main.

5 - The pre constructed branch connections were lowered into position.

6 - The flange adaptors were tightend after checking alignment and fitting ancillary fittings.

7 - The main was then charged and checked for leaks JOB DONE !!